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We thank you for your interest and appreciate your trust in us, to what will be your most cherished day! We invite you to come by our wedding lounge for a consultation so we can learn all about your wedding day dreams and begin to work at turning them into your sweetest memories!

Passionate and Committed we ensure your Destination Wedding is
“Romantic * Exotic * Truly Unforgettable!”

General Inquiry

    Frequently asked questions

    Why use a Wedding Planner?

    To free yourself of the time it takes to do all the planning.
    Our Planner will pre plan 100% of all details of the wedding leaving you to relax and enjoy family and friends!

    To not have to deal with language barriers and dealing with resort directly can be frustrating as they do not respond quickly and can take up to two weeks to answer your email. They do not want to start the planning until about 3 months prior.

    Our planner will offer many tips on how to save cost on your destination wedding that you will otherwise not be aware of.

    When do I meet the wedding planner?

    Right after the group deposits have been taken and the travel is all secured.

    What will I save by having a destination wedding?

    A Destination Wedding can be approximately one fifth of the cost of a local wedding.

    What if I have Guests that can only stay less than the seven nights package?

    We can customize β€œAny” number of nights your guests should need with good rates.

    β€œ Travel provides an enlightenment that gives to a much broader perception and ignites positive change.”

    Marsha Steeves

    (Between Hemlock & Birch Street)

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