Don’t let Fear stop your Wedding Day Dreams!

For those couples wanting to tie the knot in Destination and feeling overwhelmed by the current situation of COVID – 19.

Destinations weddings are booked one year in an advance for many reasons. One to give your Guests  adequate notice. Another to receive all of their EBD’s Or early bird discounts. Another to ensure  your preferred wedding dates and times. And also to have sufficient time for the necessary planning process both Travel and Wedding.

Most weddings are being booked now for 2021. We would normally be recommending the months of May or first part of June or November as these are the best months that can typically Offer the  best fares And offer good weather. These dates would also allow for this pandemic to end. It is always strongly recommend it for anyone to always purchase travel insurance when travelling any time to any destination. This current situation should be a lesson once again to all of us just how important insurance is. I always say To my value clients don’t travel if you can’t incorporate an insurance package into your budget . Your insurance premium for the top recommended package ranges from $215-$250.00.

The very reason you purchase insurance is for assurance. Assurance that whatever may happen you will be protected. The current situation is a perfect example of that. Don’t make the unwise decision that just because the worst scenarios can happen travel agents or tour operators and Airlines will be able to help you get your moneys back. This is clearly what insurance is all about. There are numerous reasons why  are hands are tied be wise and always purchase insurance with your travel.

Choosing dates that are in the mid and latter part of 2021 and purchasing insurance allows you to continue with your destination wedding dreams! We have online presentations where we can consult you virtually and keep our responsibilities of social distancing.  Skype or video conferencing is also available where we can gather information we need from you and consult you accordingly recommending best possible destination and Resort choices for you.

Take it advantage of the great rates that are currently available! Now is the time to lock in your destinations ‘Wedding knowing that you can take it advantage of great prices and not have to travel for a year call us and we can guide you and consult you to the best options while in the current challenges!

And don’t forget about our Valentines promo with many extra benefits that we can offer you that is available for bookings made by 31st of March!

Don’t let fear stop you from making your wedding day dreams come true there are many options and protection that you can take you just Consult with your  Destination wedding Specialist to guide you!

We invite you to take advantage of our excellent rates right now with our valentines promotion! And most of all our 35 years of expertise. To maximize your benefits! Call 1-888-608-4359 or email


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