BLOG TAKEOVER- DIY Wedding Vase with Melissa Nelson

March 27, 2015

You know when after the sun has set after a beautifully sunny day and everything has a hue of violet bouncing off of it? The feeling this gives Melissa is the same feeling she gets when she paints. Passion and business come together in Violet Sky, a small business Melissa created back in April of 2014. It started out as more of a hobby. Somewhere to showcase some of her work on Facebook. But since then, it has started to grow into something bigger. It has started to grow into a business. Right now, Violet Sky is run out of her home, but her hopes for the future are grand.

She hopes to host a few pop up shops around the lower mainland and eventually open up a store front. But for now, her quaint little studio in her home will do the trick! Today she is sharing a DIY on how to transform a thrift store vase into decor fit for a wedding.

DIY Wedding Vase

First you will need your materials. You can easily use white school glue to add texture and design to a piece if you like! I found the glue for $2.00 and the paint for $10.00 at Michaels. Sometimes Michaels is a little too expensive for what you get, so a lot of the time I go to Opus or even a dollar store.



I found this vase at an MCC thrift store in Maple Ridge for $3.00. You can find some really amazing things at thrift stores for at a bargain price. Sometimes you have to use your imagination to see it’s potential, but it’s always there!

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Once you have scratched the price stickers off of your vase, you can apply your glue to add your design. I chose dots, because it was the easiest and it just looks fresh. Just make sure if you add a lot of glue to your vase that you let it sit and dry over night.


Once you have let your glue sit overnight, you can start painting!

*Side note please go outside and lay down newspaper underneath your vase as this is EXTREMELY messy. The mess cannot be avoided unfortunately. Also, if you get it on your hands, it will stay on your hands for a long time. I don’t even want to know what it will do to clothes.

Once you are done painting it, make sure you let it dry overnight as well, in the garage or somewhere no one will be inhaling fumes. This paint in particular was very smelly.


Voila! The finished product to do with how you wish. You can use it as a centerpiece or the signing table with! Congratulations on your DIY wedding!



Connect with Melissa at or on social media!


Twitter: @melisssashirley

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